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Bring on the Toys

Fun, fun, and more fun you found our selection of fun stuff.  Here you find our flyers, temporary tattoos, stickers, and more.  Most of what you see here can be customized to add your department name or contact information as a reminder to children as they play the importance of fire safety.  

Need help deciding on a Safety Slogan?

Well look no further.  Fire Smart has provided you with 10 on trend safety slogans that will fit on most of our items. 

  1. When in Doubt, There's 2 Ways Out
  2. E.D.I.T.H
  3. Test Your Smoke Alarms Every Month!
  4. Gather your Clan.  Make a Fire Plan!
  5. Practice Fire Safety Everyday!
  6. Do Your Part and Be Fire Smart
  7. Prevent Cooking Fires - Watch What You Heat
  8. Call 911 Emergency
  9. Firefighters are your Friends!